The International Pipes Conference has opened an online database containing all its papers since its first convention in 1970 in Southampton (UK) until their most recent event in Barcelona in 2012. Over one thousand papers are included in what represents a major technical and commercial source of information derived from the world of plastic pipe technology.
This collection of papers covers a wide range of subject matter that includes landmark reference projects, novel applications, installation methods and design, environmental issues, technical standards and testing, new systems, raw materials and additives, scientific advances, new systems and prototyping, no-dig solutions, manufacturing expertise as well as industry and trade aspects.
Adolf Seidl, current chairman of PPCA, the organization behind the global conference and exhibition, explains: “We have amassed a rich source of knowledge and experience by collating these documents. In looking all the way back to 1970, you see that most of the presentations have a lasting relevance for the industry. From the use of electronic microscopy for analyzing the molecular performance of our pipe systems to the industrial use of plastic pipes for a sugar refinery in the Caribbean, this online database is a modern library. It is the history of an idea that is forever evolving.“

Seidl is convinced that the online database will appeal to a varied audience. “It will be of direct interest to all those involved in the plastic pipe industry - from raw materials through to manufacture and distribution. Technical bodies associated with the industry should also find the content very useful. Civil engineers in the building sector and in gas, water and sewer utility companies could also value the online database. Plastic pipes provide a whole world of versatile and sustainable solutions as witnessed by the many fascinating examples provided.”

The Online database is very easy and simple to use. You can search by title or author of paper, or by selecting the conference. Only thing you need to do is to register with a valid email address. Once you have found the paper you can read it, download or print it out.

We wish you you all good reading and enjoy the vast knowledge that is now available online.
Plastic Pipes Conference Association
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Next Conference: Berlin September 12-14 2016

Plastic Pipes XVIII will take place in Berlin at the Hotel InterContinental on 12 -14 September 2016. Zoran Davidovski, VP for marketing and innovation for the Pipelife group has been duly appointed chairmen of the organizing committee for this event. Berlin is the capital city of Germany and one of the 16 states of Germany. With a population of 3.5 million people. Berlin is Germany's largest city. It is the second most populous city and the seventh most populous urban area in the European Union. Berlin is a world city of culture, politics, media, and science. Berlin serves as a continental hub for air and rail traffic and has a highly complex public transportation network. The metropolis is a popular tourist destination. Modern Berlin is home to renowned universities, orchestras, museums, entertainment venues, and is host to many sporting events. The city is well known for its festivals, diverse architecture, nightlife, contemporary arts, and a high quality of living.

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The Plastic Pipes Conference Association (PPCA) was formed to organise and run the series of Plastic Pipes Conferences on behalf of the international plastics pipes industry.

Member associations of the PPCA a4re the PE 100+ Association www.pe100plus.com , Plastics Pipe Institute www.plasticpipe.org , PVC4Pipes www.pvc4pipes.com and The European Plastic Pipe and Fittings Association www.teppfa.com represented by Hans Pierik, Tony Radoszewski, Adolf Seidl (Chairman), and Tony Calton (Treasurer) respectively, all as voting board members. In addition, Zoran Davidovski (PPXVIII Chairman) and Sarah Patterson (PPXVIII US co-vice chair) are serving on the board as non-voting members. Each of the conferences is intended to be self financing and any profits from one event are re-invested in future conferences, educational tools or “spin-off” events. The mission statement of the PPCA is as follows:

"PPCA is a global association dedicated to the ongoing creation and distribution of technical and application information on plastic pipes systems in order to educate and expand their safe, cost effective and sustainable use."


Founded in 1999, PE100+ Association is a global industry organization made of several PE manufacturers (today 9) whose objective is to promote consistent quality at the highest level in the production and the use of PE100 pipe material. Safety and quality play critical roles in PE pipe applications. In 1999, three leading PE manufacturers took the initiative to build up the Association to guarantee that pipe materials meet the highest possible requirements. By monitoring the most critical properties of enhanced requirements, PE 100+ Association is able to issue a “PE100+ Association Quality Materials List” on a regular basis

Plastics Pipe Institute Inc.

The Plastic Pipe Institute Inc. (PPI) is the major trade association in North America representing all segments of the plastics pipe industry. PPI members share a common interest in broadening awareness and creating opportunities that expand market share and extend the use of plastics pipe in all its many applications. As an association, PPI focuses collaborative efforts to accumulate data, concentrate facts and target resources toward advancements in applications and increases in widespread usage. Members include pipe manufacturers, resin and additives suppliers, machinery manufacturers, distributors and testing and standards organizations.


PVC4Pipes is the trade association set up in 2003 with the mission of developing and promoting sustainable PVC piping systems in the global market. Our members are drawn from all sections of the industry, from raw materials supply to pipe systems manufacture, testing institutes and promotional organisations. Membership of PVC4Pipes allows the sharing of knowledge and the ability to influence in ways that are not possible on an individual basis. The grouping of different organisations from the PVC pipe industry means that PVC4Pipes can speak on behalf of the industry on a wide range of matters.


TEPPFA, founded in 1991, is the European Plastic Pipes and Fittings Association, consisting of 15 national associations together with 10 companies manufacturing plastic pipe systems across Europe.
Our mission is to:
* Promote high quality plastic pipe systems through standardization and quality marks
* Drive our industry to continuously improve its sustainable and environmental performance
* Develop key messages and communicate effectively across Europe on the benefits of plastic pipe systems
TEPPFA is the voice of the plastic pipes and fittings industry at EU level and actively contributes to the development of European policies.